Chris’s Cocktail Corner: The Cranberrye Harvest

20141125-P1040113With the holidays upon us, we’ll be running a few drinks here in the Cocktail Corner suited for all the parties and gatherings that come with the season. A little pre-work to make a simple syrup and garnish adds some holiday cheer to a drink that’s easy to serve for a crowd.


1.5 oz rye whiskey

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz St. Germain

1 orange with a half pound of cranberries for simple syrup (see below)

Cranberries, wheat grass and rosemary for garnish (see more below than the other below)


Add whiskey, Cointreau, St. Germain, simple syrup and ice to a cocktail shaker and mix. Strain into an 8 oz tumbler. Add garnish and serve. The biggest advantage of this drink is once you’ve done the prep work it’s very quick to serve so you don’t need to bartend all night.

Cranberry Orange Simple Syrup

Make this the night before the event. Blanch and crush about a half-pound of cranberries. Bring 1 part water to a boil, add one part sugar and dissolve. Turn off the heat on the burner and add cranberries and sliced orange (no need to remove the peel). Let cool and steep in the fridge overnight.


Please trust me: Use fresh cranberries for this, my counter is still stained from a very messy failed experiment with the frozen variety. Use a sharp and thin utensil (I carved down the end of a bamboo chopstick) to pierce the cranberry. I found it worked better to pierce through the “equator” of the cranberry; I tried going end-to-end on the “poles” the garnish didn’t sit well in the drink. Once you’ve made the piercing, string a few pieces of wheatgrass through the opening. Place a short sprig of rosemary in the top of the piercing (no need to pull it through) for some added aromatics. Make these as close as possible before the event to keep the wheatgrass from wilting, a few hours beforehand should work. For a time estimate, I made 20 and it took 15 minutes once I got the hang of it.

20130713-IMG_1218Chris’s Cocktail Corner is our cocktail series authored by our good friend and cocktail-enthusiast Chris. The series focuses on simple and seasonal drink recipes that you can pair with supper, or any meal really. We don’t judge here at Call It Supper.



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